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Drama (2006) 89 minutes ~ Color

The difficulties of life can take you through highs you never dreamed possible and lows you never imagined. With the City of Hartford as a backdrop, the Urban Drama "Elevators" details the life of Disco as he attempts to blend both the street life he has always lived and climb the ladder of success in the rap industry. Complicating his life, however, is his old lifestyle of hustling, lying and cheating. Disco is also caught in a continual and unproductive tug of war between the mother of his son, Carla and his true love, Baby Girl. Lastly, Disco must also keep his team of cronies in line, whose antics could jeopardize his future, as he prepares for stardom. Helping him control the streets of Hartford are Peanut who is his most trustworthy friend and his envious cohort, Blaze. "Elevators" takes viewers on an emotional ride through Disco's trials and tribulations, as they soon begin to sympathize with him, realizing his quest for a better life is none too different from their own.

Director: Jeff Benson

Writer: Jeff Benson

Stars: Lesley Billingslea, Damaris Cordona and Jessica Ferraday