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El Alambrista: The Fence Jumper

El Alambrista: The Fence Jumper

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Action / Spanish (2005) 87 minutes ~ Color

Defending the rights of Mexican migrant workers by day and fighting for honor in the ring by night, a budding lucha libre fighter known as El Alambrista Emplumado arrives in America on a mission to protect the people forgotten by mainstream society, in the process becoming caught up in a heated international dispute. America is at a crossroads when it comes to the border dispute. Meanwhile, immigrant workers risk their lives to cross the border and earn enough cash to ensure that their families are well fed. From the cotton fields to the cattle ranches, El Alambrista Emplumado fights tirelessly to protect these people. Later, as the situation heats up, El Alambrista Emplumado prepares to do battle with his longtime nemesis, and attempts to rescue a kidnapped child from a bloodthirsty rooster.

Director: Alfonso Sahagun Casaus (as Alfonso Sahagun)

Writers: Alfonso Sahagun Casaus (story), David Valdez (screenplay)

Stars: Guero Cota, Santiago Craig, Miguel Rico Duarte


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