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Easy Street

Easy Street

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Documentary (2006) 90 minutes ~ Color

According to homeless people and experts alike, St. Petersburg, Florida is one of the best places to be if you’re homeless. Easy Street documents the daily existence of homeless people throughout the city, over the course of a year.

PATRICK, an admitted alcoholic, greets everyone with a joke and a smile, even though he’s frequently in trouble with the police.

GW, has a Bachelor’s degree in English and Philosophy, and a past he can’t escape from. His job search bounces from success to setback, but even that may have a silver lining.

PEG, claims a Masters degree in psychology but battles with alcohol abuse and abusive relationships. The hardship she encounters becomes more that she ever imagined.

KARL, a 19 year old with bipolar disorder, struggles to get off the streets and stay on his medication. An unexpected surprise adds to the confusion.

JAIME, a young, unemployed single mother with two children, is suddenly evicted along with her mother and aunt. They spend Christmas together at a Salvation Army shelter, then manipulate the system in their search for a home.

Producers: Stephen Ashton and Andrew Lee

Director: Stephen Ashton

Writer: Stephen Ashton


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