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Drop Dead Rock

Drop Dead Rock

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Comedy (1996) 93 minutes ~ Color

A down and out rock and roll band, Hindenburg, kidnap their favorite British rock star Spazz-O and hold him hostage so he will listen to their music and make them famous. The problem is, Spazz-O's ex-porn star wife Holly Everest and his back-stabbing manager, Dave Donovan can't wait to get their hands on his fortune and have hired a hitman to do him in. Thanks to the media feeding frenzy, Spazz-O's career is hotter than ever. Enter media mogul Thor Sturmundrang with a big advance check. Now Spazz-O is worth more alive than dead. Dave must outwit the bumbling band, clumsy cops, ruthless record execs and terrifying terrorists to get his just reward.

Directer: Adam Dubin

Writers: Adam Dubin, Rick Menello

Actors: Adam Ant, Deborah Harry, Iam Maynard


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