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Dr. Vampire

Dr. Vampire

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Comedy / Horror (1991) 98 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Jiang shi yi sheng

East meets west in Doctor Vampire, a hilarious horror-comedy about - naturally - vampires. TVB star Bowie Lam stars as a Hong Kong doctor whose trip to the UK has certain medical consequences. While staying at a brothel, Bowie gets infected with vampire blood thanks to a love bite from the comely Ellen Chan. He returns to Hong Kong with no memory of the incident, but girlfriend Sheila Chan and sister Crystal Kwok have their suspicions. The situation is complicated further when Ellen arrives in Hong Kong, followed soon by the head vampire himself, who longs for Chinese blood because, as he puts it, "It's like Ginseng!" Will Hong Kong be able to withstand a visit from one of Dracula's ultra-powerful brood?

Director: Jamie Luk

Writer: Jamie Luk (screenplay)

Stars: Ellen Chan, Sheila Chan and Lorraine Kibble


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