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Dormroom Fantasies 2

Dormroom Fantasies 2

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Adult (2003) 51 minutes ~ Color

Is there anything hotter than being inside the dormroom of a smoking hot college girl as she acts out her fantasies, either alone or with friends? The answer is an obvious "no", and in Girls Gone Wild's All New Dormroom Fantasies Volume 2, we bring this to you and a whole lot more! We bring the cameras exactly where YOU want to be - cute college campuses, and into the Dormrooms themselves! There you'll see the playful blonde from class who gets a little naughty in some private time before bed. Then there are the sorority sisters, who can't keep their hands off each other in their room...and on the bed...and in the shower. We also go to the hottest and wildest clubs where girls meet each other for the first time, before getting to know each other a little better on the bus. It's the hottest college coeds in the steamiest action ever! Always real, raw and completely uncensored! It's all here, all new, on Girls Gone Wild's All New Dormroom Fantasies Volume 2.