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Donald & Dot Clock Found Dead In Their Home

Donald & Dot Clock Found Dead In Their Home

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Comedy (2004) 80 minutes ~ Color

A strange and unglamorous, yet highly endearing "quasi-schizophrenic" narrative love story, the film introduces Donald Clock, an inspiring nonetheless unsuccessful dancer with the inability to keep a job. He became despondent with life and attempts to commit suicide involving an irrigation ditch, a tutu and a bowling ball. In a twist of fate he meets Dot, a psychic-hot-line counselor spiritually obsessed with rodents. A bizarre dark & romantic Comedy full of laughs, cringes and frights. The story follows their misAdventures and foibles as the two oddball characters fall in love, get married and die.

Director: Michael Kowalski

Writer: Roger DeBris

Stars: John E. Parcher, Eugenie Bondurant, and Joe Ochman


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