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Don't Shoot The Pharmacist!

Don't Shoot The Pharmacist!

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Comedy (2008) 80 minutes ~ Color

A Pharmacist, braves a memorably zany night as he muses about life as a Vegas roulette dealer. Encountering a range of customers, from rude to idiotic, from beautiful to dangerous, Zack and his wise-cracking Pharmacy Tech, Ty, attempt to make sense of the world they spend half of their life in, at Brooklyn's Goodyear Pharmacy. Before the shift finally comes to a close, Zack's newfound "self" gets tested to the extreme, as the lives of Zack, Ty and frequent customer Phil, a manic OCD patient, are put in danger by an armed and desperate man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Director: David Broitman

Writer: David Broitman

Stars: Ben Bailey, Godfrey, Steve Byrne


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