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Documentary / Drama / Comedy (2006) 77 minutes ~ Color

Bob Golub's Dodo is a sports themed autobiographical portrait of the artist as a member of a dysfunctional family. The film, like the one-man show that it's adapted from, takes its title from the nickname of Golub's abusive, alcoholic, beloved father.

Golub, a stand-up comedian from Western Pennsylvania, has constructed his film out of the fragments of a life-long effort to come to terms with his upbringing. Dodo imaginatively and skillfully combines home video footage that Golub took over many years of family gatherings (selected from over 50 hours of material), clips of his stand-up routines and one-man show, and scenes from an incomplete fictionalized film version of his life into a surprisingly cohesive narrative. The resulting film is dramatically different from dysfunctional family comedies like Little Miss Sunshine.

If you like Roberto Clemente...You'll love this film! If you like the Pittsburgh Steelers...You'll love this film! If you love to hate the Cleveland Browns...You'll REALLY love this film!

Director: Bob Golub

Writer: Bob Golub, Evan Sayet

Stars: Bob Golub and DoDo


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