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Devoured (aka A System Devoured)

Devoured (aka A System Devoured)

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Action / Thriller (1999) 94 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: A System Devoured

Think Pulp Fiction meets The French Connection... that could sum up Devoured. A new evil has arrived in the city, lurking in neighborhoods just like yours. Devour, a man with no conscience, a barbarian, a gangster, an entrepreneur, has come to finish some business. Forging a trail of drugs, extortion and brutal murder he infiltrates the justice system. When the truth is blinded and the justice is lost, one man pushed to the edge of madness is unleashed through the shadows of the system. He is determined to end the deceit and anarchy, at the expense of his loved ones and his badge. One will be betrayed, one will betray, one will loose his soul, one will find his.

Director: Thomas J. Churchill

Writer: Thomas J. Churchill

Stars: Paul Cicero, Ahnna Rasch and Thomas J. Churchill


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