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Devil's Island

Devil's Island

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Action (1994) 92 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: La isla del diablo

Surviving the mutiny on board his ship, Captain Morgan and his ship's hand Bob find they have jumped out of the kettle only to have landed in the fire. Their rescuer, Murphy's long-time arch nemesis, Kraffa the Pirate, holds them captive aboard his vessel. As they approach Devil's Island, the superstitious lore surrounding the dark island paints the atmosphere with dread and apprehension. Throw into the mix a cache of treasure on the island somewhere, along with Captain Morgan's blind rage and determination to punish the mutineers from his ship, and you have a tale brimming over with Action, Adventure, and excitement!

Director: J.P. Simon

Writers: Vincent Mulberry (novel), Juan Piquer Simón and Francisco Prósper

Stars: Ruben Galves, Miriam Cramer, Chris Huerta, & Victor Parez


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