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Devil's Brigade Episodes 3&4

Devil's Brigade Episodes 3&4

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Documentary (2006) 95 minutes ~ Color

In 1942, an elite group of over six hundred Canadian soldiers were trained to create a lethal battalion that would, along with their American counterparts, parachute behind German lines and wreak havoc upon the enemy. DEVIL'S BRIGADE is a compelling four-part series that chronicles the journey of 15 present-day Canadian and U.S. soldiers as they are taken back in time to face the grueling training and hardship the original Devil's Brigade endured at their training post in Helena, Montana. The present day experiences of these young soldiers are inter-cut with first-person interviews with Devil's Brigade veterans and compelling archival footage. Devil's Brigade remembers and pays tribute to this elite group of soldiers who regularly achieved what most called the impossible during the darkest days of the Second World War.

Director: Don Young

Writer: Don Young

Stars: Kelly J. Altenhofen, Michael Annese and Tom Anniko


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