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Drama (1928) 84 minutes ~ Black & White

Suspense, intrigue and mystery surround detectives. They use their wits, nerve and even a little brute force to retrace the steps of criminals and apprehend them. Dick Tracy, Mark Saber and Treasure Men of Action are prototypical sleuths who make it their job to “get their man,” with many challenges, twists and turns along the way.

DVD Contents:

Dick Tracy with Ralph Byrd “Shakey’s Secret Treasure”

Mark Saber “Case of the Hair of the Dog”

Treasure Men in Action “Case of the Shot in the Dark”

Director: Chester M. Franklin

Writers: Chester M. Franklin (screenplay and story), Robert E. Hopkins (titles) and Robert Lord (screenplay and story)

Stars: Karl Dane, George K. Arthur and Marceline Day



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