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Desperate Cargo

Desperate Cargo

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Drama (1941) 67 minutes ~ Black & White

Several people are waiting at a Caribbean port for the Caribbean Cruiser, a seaplane that has been delayed by the weather. A gang of criminals is making plans to take over the ship in midair, so that they can rob its safe. Tony Bronson is waiting to become the ship's new purser once it arrives. Reporter Jim Halsey needs to get home quickly to be in time to accept an important assignment. While waiting, Bronson and Halsey have a romantic entanglement with two showgirls who are trying to get back to New York, and Bronson also has an altercation in a bar with one of the criminals. By the time the seaplane arrives and is ready for the passengers to board, there is plenty of tension in the air.

Director: William Beaudine

Writers: Eustace L. Adams (story), Morgan Cox (screenplay) and John T. Coyle (screenplay)

Stars: Ralph Byrd, Carol Hughes, Jack Mulhall, Julie Duncan