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Desolation Angel

Desolation Angel

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Documentary (2009) 46 Minutes ~ Color

Life in a high paced city drains our individuality; Thailand's New Year festival has the answer. "Lets throw water at each other." This visual anthropology is a personal travel backwards to humanity from fast paced living. Desolation Angel takes us on a journey of discovery and acculturation as we travel from the megalopolis of Bangkok to provincial Thailand to unravel a new pathway in life. The catalyst is of this awakening is an ancient, complex culture and as we are lead through this experience Erich is given a re-birth as the complexities of the culture open up his heart to a necessary, often overlooked pleasure in life - simplicity.

Director: Erich Fleshman

Writer: Erich Fleshman

Stars: Erich Fleshman



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