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Desire, Hostility, Delusion

Desire, Hostility, Delusion

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Drama / Thriller (2011) 88 minutes ~ Color

Desire, Hostility, Delusion centers around two women who find themselves in a ten year relationship with different agendas. Gabby (Latoya Jarett), career driven and determined, takes violent and desperate measures to achieve her dream of having a child. Her partner, Cinematographer, Tess (Erica Gipson), is unwilling to give up the life she has worked so hard to establish. Their paths ultimately cross with Toni (Edith Morales) and Stacy (Charlene Cruse) who share a similar story. An unfortunate twist takes these couples down a road of lies, manipulation and murder. One often confuses desire with what may be construed as realistic necessity, which frequently turns to anger. The delusion that one may experience far exceeds the truth, until there is no turning back. DESIRE. HOSTILITY. DELUSION.

Director: Lyndonne Payne

Writers: Lyndonne Payne

Stars: Latoya Jarrett, Erica Gipson, Edith Morales, Charlene Cruse