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Delphine: The Baker's Assistant

Delphine: The Baker's Assistant

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Short Films (2004) 12 minutes ~ Color

Set in a French Patisserie in London, "Delphine" is a meditation on the nature of contemporary society, and of nature in general. The story follows a pretty baker's assistant, constantly overworked and under-appreciated by her demanding boss and belligerent customers. A glint of light comes in the shape of an attractive guy, who enters the bakery and presents Delphine with an invitation to call him, before quickly leaving. This hope, however, is dashed, when her boss rips up the piece of paper, leaving Delphine despondent.

Director: Lyndon Ives

Writer: Lyndon Ives (screenplay)

Stars: Maite Von Melle, Silvana Maimone


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