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Death of a Cemetery

Death of a Cemetery

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Documentary / Drama (2012) 69 minutes ~ Color

Manila North Cemetery in Manila, Philippines is a place of rest for 3000 people, all of whom are alive. When rich families first erected mausoleums for their dead in the late 1800s, they needed caretakers to maintain them and guard any valuables buried within. In exchange for their work, the caretakers were allowed to live inside the mausoleums, and a cemetery community was born. Gravekeepers grow gardens around tombs; chefs cook up hearty fare in restaurants alongside crypts; and children play basketball in between school and funerals. Some residents are part of a long legacy of caretaking families; others are new transplants and find they must share their bed with an additional body.

Director: Jeanie Duque Dizon

Writers: Jeanie Duque Dizon (story)

Stars: Miguel Syjuco


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