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Deadtime Stories

Deadtime Stories

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Horror (1986) 81 minutes ~ Color

Alternate Title: Freaky Fairytales

Your favorite nightmares come to life in a Horror/fantasy salute to the age-old bedtime story ritual. Travel on a mysterious journey to a medieval world populated by blood-crazed witches, evil experiments and captive maidens.

Then from the catacombs and dark caverns of medieval Europe, you plunge into modern suburbia and the frolicsome Adventures of a nubile lady jogger stalked by a savage werewolf.

Finally, sensuality becomes macabre black Comedy as you follow the trail of three escaped mental patients who share a country house with a daffy murderess.

Director: Jeffery Delman

Writers: Jeffrey Delman, J. Edward Kiernan and Charles F. Shelton

Stars: Steven D. Mackler, William J. Links, Edwin Picker


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