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Dead Men Walk

Dead Men Walk

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Horror (1943) 64 minutes ~ Black & White

With the death of Dr. Elwyn Clayton, his twin brother, Dr. Lloyd Clayton is almost relieved. His late brother has changed significantly since a trip to India where he had become interested in mysticism and the occult. In fact, his brother has now risen from the dead and is a vampire out to seek revenge on his brother who had a hand in his premature death. Despite several deaths in the town, Lloyd is reluctant to believe his late brother is a vampire. When Elwyn attacks their niece Gayle, he enlists the aid of her fiancé to fight the evil that is among them.

Director: Sam Newfield

Writer: Fred Myton (original screenplay)

Stars: George Zucco, Mary Carlisle, Nedrick Young, Dwight Frye, Fern Emmett


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