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Day Of Wrath

Day Of Wrath

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Drama (1943) 97 minutes ~ Black & White

Original Title: Vredens dag

This film is an adaptation of Anne Pedersdotter (1909) by the Norwegian playwright Hans Wiers-Jenssen, based on an actual Norwegian case in the sixteenth century. In a Danish village, an old woman is accused of witchcraft. In the shadow of her flight, capture, confession, and burning at the stake, the young wife of the town's aging pastor falls in love with the pastor's son.

Director: Carl Theodor Dreyer

Writers: Carl Theodor Dreyer, Poul Knudsen, Paul La Cour, Mogens Skot-Hansen and Hans Wiers-Jenssens

Stars: Thorkild Roose, Lisbeth Movin and Sigrid Neiiendam


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