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Day Of The Panther

Day Of The Panther

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Action (1988) 84 minutes ~ Color

Jason Blade (Edward John Stazak) and his partner are two of a select group of Westerners permitted to join the legendary Panther School of Martial Arts. Intercepting a Triad drug ring while on a stakeout in Hong Kong, Blade and Linda (Linda Meiger) cross the path of Jim Baxter (Jim Richards), Australian right hand man of drug boss Damien Zukor (Michael Carman). Having learned too much about Zukor, Linda pays with her life. Blade’s revenge is slow and starts from the inside of Zukor’s empire. He impresses the drug boss with his extraordinary fighting skills to the point that he decides to have him fight at his annual tournament of marital arts. Soon, however, Baxter uncovers Blade’s identity and consequently Zukor discovers Blade’s true intentions.

Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith

Writers: Peter West (screenplay and story), David Groom (story) and Brian Trenchard-Smith (additional dialogue)

Stars: Edward John Stazak, Linda Meiger, Michael Carman, John Stanton, Jim Richards, Zale Daniel



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