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Day Of Redemption

Day Of Redemption

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Action / Thriller (2004) 86 minutes ~ Color

<font color=red>"... a terrific modern cowboy movie...Jeff Fahey gives a flinty performance...David Lee Rawlings makes a bone-chilling villain." -- "Tucson Citizen"</font>

A contemporary Western Thriller set in the vast Arizona outback. A homicidal maniac is obsessed with revenge. A guilt-ridden lawman is desperately seeking redemption. When their two worlds collide, only one will survive the deadly "dance with destiny".
Small-town sheriff, Frank Everly (Jeff Fahey), watches in horror as his wife, Mary (Kristian Alfonso), is brutally murdered before his very eyes. Frank's life becomes consumed by grief and guilt. The crazed killer, Vincent Pope (David Lee Rawlings), escapes prison with one mission in mind -- to destroy the lawman who sent him there. Frank now must pull himself together to hunt down his evil adversary. Their deadly game of cat and mouse culminates in a deserted mining town, aptly named Redemption, where only a lunatic ex-preacher and his beautiful deaf daughter reside.

Director: Anthony Christopher

Writer: David Lee Rawlings

Stars: Jeff Fahey, Kristian Alfonso, David Lee Rawlings



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