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Dating A Zombie

Dating A Zombie

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Comedy (2012) 80 minutes ~ Color

Clarence operates a Zombie termination service in Zombie Town. Believing true love can never be found he feels no remorse when he dates Zombies. To him Zombies never complain, don't nag or talk back and are extremely happy with the way you are. Of course Clarence's biggest love interest is Princess Betty the owner of a pet cemetery now accepting humans at discount prices. In between his romances Clarence finds time to hunt and eliminate nuisance Zombies called A-Listers. This is a hobby he thoroughly enjoys because he gets to chop the Zombie bodies up in his kitchen and sell the meat as a sideline. The action and humor keep coming as Clarence and his assistant Doofus chase and "pop" Zombies while riding around in their golf cart. You just can't have too many Zombies running around Zombie Town when the government keeps failing to pass a Zombie retirement plan!

Director: Jack Abele

Writer: Jack Abele

Stars: Jack Abele, Claudia Andrejuk, and Glenn Balli


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