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Dark Command

Dark Command

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Western (1940) 94 minutes ~ Black & White

*** Nominated for 2 Oscars ***

Texas cowpoke Bob Seton comes to a Kansas town with his friend, Doc Crunch, and runs for town marshal against school teacher Will Cantrell. Seton is elected but loses out to Cantrell for the hand of Mary McCloud. When the Civil War breaks out, Cantrell organizes a raider band, supposedly on the side of the South, but which, in reality, is nothing but a guerrilla army that loots and robs from both sides. Cantrell has dreams of carving out his own empire out of Kansas. Cantrell leads his guerrillas on a raid against Lawrence, Kansas, where they are defeated and Cantrell is killed. His widow finds happiness with Seton, the man she truly loves.

Director: Raoul Walsh

Writers: Grover Jones (screenplay), Lionel Houser (screenplay), F. Hugh Herbert (screenplay), W.R. Burnett (novel) and Jan Fortune (adaptation)

Stars: Claire Trevor, John Wayne and Walter Pidgeon



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