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Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods

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Drama (2002) 93 minutes ~ Color

Two people find themselves drawn to one another after meeting under extremely unpleasant circumstances in this black comedy. Rebecca is a hyper-goal-oriented business executive who one night is attacked by a rapist, Tracy. Refusing to give in to her assailant, Rebecca takes Tracy hostage and stashes him away in her home. However, she hasn't quite figured out what to do next, and finds herself having to take care of her unexpected guest until she irons out the next part of her plan. After a while, Rebecca and Tracy find that for all their differences, they have a lot more in common than they imagined, and to her surprise Rebecca finds herself becoming friendly with Tracy, leading her life into a new and highly unexpected direction.

Director: Jason Francois

Writers: Jason Francois (screenplay)

Stars: Angela Nicole Babb, William Salyers and Michael Taylor Donovan