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Cup of My Blood

Cup of My Blood

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Horror / Thriller (2005) 107 minutes ~ Color

The lonely artist Jack Fender still grieves the death of his beloved lover Tina three years ago. He lost his inspiration and his faith in God and presently he is taking pornographic pictures for the mobster Sparky and his partner Limpy for a pornographic site managed by Nibbles and Scooter under the protest of his agent and friend Alex. When Jack witnesses a car accident in his neighborhood, the wounded passenger gives a box to Jack, asking him to protect and never open it, and he discovers that he is protecting the Holy Grail. From this moment on, weird things happen to Jack: visions, nightmares and the permanent sensation that strangers are watching him. While swimming late night in a club, Jack meets the sexy Iona and his inspiration returns but he also finds the hidden reality.

Director: Lance Catania

Writer: Lance Catania, Kenneth Nilsson

Stars: Daniel Patrick Sullivan, Janina Gavankar, Allie Smith


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