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Comedy (2005) 99 minutes ~ Color

Cubicle partners have to share a lot of things. Trapped together for six hours a day, six people discover the joy and pain of working in close proximity with another human being. Anything can upset their marginal relationships: office politics, office romance, the smell of someone's lunch. Will they learn to think inside the box? Or will they drive each other slowly insane?

Director: Jason Sherry

Writer: Mark Zdancewicz

Stars: Jessica Chorey, Jack Evans, Greg Korin

<font size="2" color="blue" face="Verdana"><b>Special Features: Gag Reel, Deleted Scenes, Chapter Selection, Trailer.


*Best of the Rest DeREEL Independent Film Festival*

*Official Selection Garden State Film Festival*

*Official Selection Pocono Mountains Film Festival*

*Official Selection Woods Hole Film Festival*</font>


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