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Criminal Desire

Criminal Desire

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Drama (1998) 96 minutes ~ Color

Alternate Title: Lovers and Liars

Caitland, a beautiful model, and daughter of a billionaire, has mysteriously disappeared. Private investigator Darrel Chisum is on the case-and finds himself in the middle of the seductive fashion industry's Vision Advertising Agency, run by a corrupt mogul. Darrel enlists the aid of his friend, an unemployed ad executive, whose advertising skills allow him to work undetected within the empire. They plunge headfirst into the seedy underworld that has swallowed up the billionaire's daughter, and it doesn't take long for them to realize that they are in way over their heads. As Darrel uncovers the dark secret and learns that Caitland may have planned her own kidnapping, it is a race against the clock as Darrel and his friend use brute force and high-tech gadgetry to save her from being sold into an international ring of white slave trading. Their backs are up against the wall, as the world of high fashion and glamour take a downward spiral into deceit, betrayal, and murder

Director: Mark Freed

Writers: Mark Freed, Dave Tedder

Stars: Chris Conrad, David Carradine, Michael York, David Faustino

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