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Cotton Flowers

Cotton Flowers

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Drama (2004) 89 minutes ~ Color

"Cotton Flowers" centers on the lives of four privileged teenagers. Though still safe and innocent, a dysfunctional value system, leaves them unprepared to defend themselves against predators, and temptation. Brit (Keila Collins), Sophie, Todd, and Andy, a very unlikely group, find themselves working together on an economics project, their teacher Miss Rose, assigns. Each student believes they are in control, and wiser than they really are.

They face harsh consequences that their parents are oblivious to. Sophie deals with a slutty reputation, and a virgin's frame of reference. Todd feels invincible, and decides to mug a stranger with dire results. Andy faces a homosexual experience, when the disrespect for his parents forces them to lock him out after a curfew. And Brit finds that being a jerk, that does drugs, is a hard thing to hide, when you are the popular girl at school.

Director: Paul Lafayette Beauchamp, Ashley Shea Landers

Writers: Paul Lafayette Beauchamp, Ashley Shea Landers

Stars: Keila Collins, Kelcy Edmondson, Kevin Lyon, Giovanna Marie


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