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Drama (1931) 75 minutes ~ Black & White

A college football hero lets himself be goaded by a wealthy socialite into forgetting about a job coaching the college team, to be "a real man, and make real money", in the big city with her father on Wall Street. He soon has more than he can stomach, making money, by bilking the poor, out of their meagre savings, with junk bonds.

He gets the inside dope from Slim who taps out the information in Morse Code using his gun moll’s typewriter. Then, as a modern pirate with his friend Chub, he captains the “Corsair”, a gunboat which preys on bootleggers and then resells the cargo to their wealthy backers.

He only forgot two things: that in the cutthroat world of junk bonds and margin calls they don’t use real knives, machine guns, and bombs like the gangsters and the girl hiding in the hold. It’s a hard lesson to learn but one that will last them the rest of their lives however long or short that may be.

Director: Roland West

Writers: Walton Green (novel), Josephine Lovett (screenplay) and Roland West (screenplay)

Stars: Chester Morris, Thelma Todd, Fred Kohler, Ned Sparks