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Short / Thriller (2002) 20 minutes ~ Color

Officer John Halloway arrives home on his 45th birthday, only to find no surprise birthday guests waiting for him. Frustrated and alone, with a day old cupcake, John makes no wishes and goes straight to bed. Suddenly John is awakened by a camera man who has barged into the back door of his home at 2:00 AM, unannounced, ready for a ride along. As matters begin to get worse, John is ordered by his Captain to train rookie officer Peter Swanco, a strange and unlikely officer who claims he took his police exams over the Internet. Something is terribly wrong. John loses radio contact with dispatch and soon discovers that Swanco is not who he appears to be.

Director: Shawn Flanagan

Writer: Shawn Flanagan

Stars: Rich Amooi, Shirley Bennett, Lee Berman


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