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Ref: 1882

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Action / Thriller (1980) 97 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Luca il contrabbandiere

Alternate Title: The Smuggler

Luca Di Angelo is an idealistic family man and dockside worker who works for a shady underworld smuggler in hauling illegal merchandise, imported cigarettes and booze, down the coastal waterways of Naples, Italy. Things in his life become complicated when his brother and a number of fellow smugglers are murdered by a rival smuggler from France, known as the Marsigliese, who is determined to become drug kingpin of Italy and wipe out all competition. Luca must join forces with rival Naples smugglers, a powerful Italian Mafia, as well as the local police to track down the French sadist when he abducts Luca's wife.

Director: Lucio Fulci

Writers: Lucio Fulci, Gianni De Chiara (screenplay and story), Giorgio Mariuzzo and Ettore Sanzò (screenplay and story)

Stars: Fabio Testi, Ivana Monti, Guido Alberti, Enrico Maisto, Daniele Dublino, Giordano Falzoni, Giulio Farnese


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