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Common Senses

Common Senses

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Drama (2005) 95 minutes ~ Color

An embarrassment to her Family and shunned by her friends, kleptomaniac Erin struggles to put her life in order after her release from prison. She finds companionship in a childhood acquaintance named Luis, who now works as a hustler on the streets of Chicago. But their burgeoning friendship is strained when a child they befriended goes missing, forcing them to confront their issues of trust, responsibility and atonement. Told through five chapters by five award-winning Chicago filmmakers, Common Senses emerges as an engrossing examination of urban humanity.

Directors: Dennis Belogorsky, M.T. Cozzola

Writers: Alexander Rojas, Daniel J. Pico

Stars: James Azrael, Kathy Berger and Robert Cass


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