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Commander Lawin

Commander Lawin

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Action (1981) 85 minutes ~ Color

Reno Solidum returns home to his family from a brutal tour of Vietnam. Years later his hometown is run by a corrupt mayor who wants to buy out all of the occupant's land. Reno's father refuses to sell and while Reno is in town, his family are killed by the Mayor's soldiers. Trying to complain to the police, Reno is arrested but when the police vehicle he is travelling in is ambushed by rebels, he escapes and joins their cause. When the rebel leader is killed, he appoints Reno as his sucessor, letting him use the name 'Lawin' meaning the strongest warrior in the jungle. However the mayor is still determined to kill Reno and he reports to the military authorities who send soldiers into the jungle against the rebels...

Director: Eddie Nicart

Writer: Ronnie Paredes (story)

Stars: Dante Varona, Bonafe Estrella, Dabiel Rojo


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