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City Girls - The Girls Of The Windy City (Chicago)

City Girls - The Girls Of The Windy City (Chicago)

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Action 56 minutes ~ Color

Chicago is one of America's greatest cities. This program takes a look at three of its most beautiful residents who live, work and play in the windy city. Meet a gorgeous blonde stock broker who works the floor at the Chicago Board of Trade. A hotel concierge, who will service your every need and insure your good time in her city by Lake Michigan. Next, you'll meet an incredible property manager who has no problem handling your special assets. Then, you’ll meet a write who’s fantasies come to live. Next up, a sexy college co-ed who spends time taking pictures of the city...and wait until you see her in the darkroom. And, finally, our host, Playboy Playmate, Suzie Simpson, will share with you some of her very own intimate moments. These incredible women will uncover a whole new meaning to having a great time in Chi-Town! Full Nudity.