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City Girls - The Girls Of Las Vegas

City Girls - The Girls Of Las Vegas

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Adult 57 minutes ~ Color

Seven come eleven! Blackjack! I’m all in…and you won't believe the incredible women that we've discovered in Las Vegas, Nevada! Our next stop in our City Girls tour takes us to the gaming capital of the world. Its here you'll find non-stop action, the biggest stars, and brightest lights in a city that never sleeps. At this stop you'll meet four awesome women that you simply won’t believe. First introduce you to a black-jack dealer who, as you’ll see, has got more than just aces up her sleeves. This beauty works the night shift and will show you parts of Vegas you've only dreamed about. But we won't stop there as our next incredible lady, an exotic car dealer by day and sultry temptress by night, shows her other side as she loves to enjoy herself by taking advantage of the high-roller suites at many of the city's finest hotels. This luscious lady enjoys it all. Next, a Vegas Showgirl with her incredible costumes, takes us backstage to her dressing room for a very personal moment. And then, we'll meet a builder who's developed some of the biggest communities in Vegas. And finally, our program’s host, Playboy Playmate Ava Fabian, will share her private moments in this 24 hour city. This journey through Sin City will leave you thirsting for more Vegas excitement than your heart can handle. Full Nudity.