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City Girls - The Girls Of Dallas

City Girls - The Girls Of Dallas

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Adult 60 minutes ~ Color

They say everything is bigger and better in Texas! It's true! And we can prove it as we've got five incredible women who live, work, and play in the city they call "Big D," which in our case refers to other great assets in Dallas! From the board room to the bedroom, you'll love our corporate vice-president, a beautiful lady who's into mergers and acquisitions in the Texas oil world. She uses her good looks to influence clients in ways you won't believe. When this beautiful blonde says she's into her work...well let's just say you won't believe what she can do with a little bit of oil! Next you’ll meet a head nurse at one of the city's biggest hospitals. She sure knows what to do with a stethoscope! We're sure that this beautiful brunette will make your heart grow weak! And then a lady that will send you flying into the air traffic reporter with a body that will give new meaning to the term “sig-alert.” This awesome beauty will make your radiator boil over as she fills your tank with extraordinary dreams. Next, meet a gorgeous graphic artist who loves to exercise. And when she gets started...look out, she may melt your DVD player 'cause this lady is HOT! And finally, our program’s host, Playboy Playmate Rebecca Ferratti, will share with you why she is one of Playboy’s most popular Centerfolds. Full Nudity.