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City Girls - The Girls Of Capital Hill Washington DC

City Girls - The Girls Of Capital Hill Washington DC

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Adult 54 minutes ~ Color

Welcome to Washington, D.C., home of our nation's Capital, The White House, The U.S. Treasury, The Supreme Court, and...home to some of the most beautiful women in America. Here in DC we've discovered five incredible ladies who share the nation’s capitol with George Bush. First, you'll meet a lady who knows Capitol Hill better than most. She's a Washington, D.C. tour guide and she'll introduce you to the best sights in the Capital City...her boudoir and Jacuzzi tub being some unscheduled stops you won't want to miss. Next, you'll meet an investigative television reporter who makes the streets of Washington her beat. She'll stop at nothing to get her story. And with a body like this reporter has, it's no wonder she never heard the world "no" for an answer. Then, we'll introduce you to a highly influential and sexy lady who works as a lobbyist in our nation's most bureaucratic city. Her job, on behalf of her clients, is to make Senators, Congressmen, and top Legislators see her point of view. Then, you'll meet a campaign expert whose job it is to get her candidate elected. This lady definitely will raise your political conscience as she ranks very high in our latest poll! And finally, our program’s host, Playboy Playmate Cathy St. George, appears in her special video centerfold that will take you to the top! This program keep you drooling as our City Girls Series continues. Full Nudity.

Director: Bert Rhine

Stars: Dana, Megan, Jennifer, Hillary, Cathy St George