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Cimarron Strip - The Deputy

Cimarron Strip - The Deputy

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Western / TV Series (1967) 72 minutes ~ Color

When an outlaw gang heists and blows up an Army payroll wagon, one of the gang’s members, Bo, is left for dead when a dynamite charge injures him. When the outlaw discovers that he has been left behind, he seeks revenge. After arriving in Cimarron, Marshal Crown hires Bo as a deputy, unaware that he has false identification papers and is a wanted outlaw. Realizing that his old gang has settled in the Cimarron Strip, Bo begins his plan of vengeance, to get back at the ones who left him for dead. A vengeful performance by the great actor J.D.Cannon.

Director: Alvin Ganzer

Writers: Christopher Knopf (developer), Hal Sitowitz

Stars: Stuart Whitman, Percy Herbert, Randy Boone



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