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Christian Soldiers

Christian Soldiers

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Short / Drama (2006) ~ Color

A mob boss dispatches two of his soldiers, Jimmy and "The Prowler," to extend terms of his eventual dominance to several merchants within his territory. This proposition is non-negotiable and also implies a degree of religious conformity which threatens the Jewish beliefs of some of the merchants. Unknown to everyone, the mob boss's daughter has been carrying on a secret affair with a relation of one of the Jewish merchants. When Jimmy confronts her, she lashes back, calling him a hypocrite for appeasing her father's supposed allegiance to Christianity while continuing to murder on his behalf. When the mob boss learns that the merchants are planning to stand their ground in defiance, he orders Jimmy to enforce his laws, by force if necessary. Jimmy, increasingly conflicted by a reawakening sense of morality, finds he must now weigh each of the options before him. Faith. Loyalty. Love. Which one would you chose?

Director: Richard Cecere

Writer: Richard Cecere

Stars: Jack Valvo, Jesse Furman, Geri Lee


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