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Chinatown Kid

Chinatown Kid

Ref: 1894

Price: $4.98 / 3.59


Action (1977) 115 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Tang ren jie xiao zi

Chinatown Kid-Shaw Alexander Fu Sheng stars as the lowly China illegal immigrant who rises to the top of the China town Gang trade using his fists and feet. This classic made Fu Sheng a super star in Asia. It also stars all of the 5 venomous cast in their first roles in a modern day setting. Great Action and a dynamite story make Chinatown Kida favorite among kung fu movie fans!

Director: Chang Cheh

Writers: Cheh Chang, Kuang Ni and James Wong (story)

Stars: Alexander Fu Sheng, Phillip Kwok Chun-Fung, Sun Chien



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