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China Circus On Ice

China Circus On Ice

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Documentary (2009) 50 minutes ~ Color

The Heilongjiang Acrobatic troupe, based in the city of Harbin, is one of China's most respected acrobatic groups. For over 50 years its performers have thrilled audiences throughout China with contemporary interpretations of this traditional art form. Two years ago, artistic director Mr. Guan Xin Min decided on a new and innovative direction for Heilongjiang--they would become the only acrobatics truope in China to perform on ice! Combining ice-skating and traditional acrobatics may be a great marketing tool, but it will take a team of ultra- talented and dedicated performers to turn this idea into reality. After training practices and performances, the Heilongjiang Acrobatic troupe is ready to take its unique style of ice acrobatics beyond mainland China. This is a tense and exciting time for all the young performers--but will circumstances beyond their control conspire to end this momentous endeavour before it even begins?

Directors: Jayashree Panjabi, Max Quinn

Stars: The Heilongjiang Ice Acrobatic Team, Imperial Chinese Acrobats


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