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China: The Rebirth of an Empire

China: The Rebirth of an Empire

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Documentary / Family (2010) 86 minutes ~ Color

China's unprecedented growth has placed it on the verge of overtaking the United States as the worlds preeminent power. But what type of power will China become? In today's interconnected and globalized world, the answer effects each and every one of us. In Pakistan and Afghanistan, China's humanitarian activities and investment in infrastructure have won it the hearts and minds of the people. Yet in Tibet and Xinjiang, China is reviled as an imperialistic abuser of human rights. Will China use its strength to dominate its neighbors and become a 21st century empire, or will China's youth lead the country towards democracy? Whether its a peaceful rise or potential threat, China's 21st century emergence as a great world power will change the lives of everyone.

Directors: Jeremy Veverka, Jesse Veverka

Stars: Tenzin Choeying, Kunda Dixit, Chalmers Johnson


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