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Childhood's End

Childhood's End

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Comedy / Drama (1996) 115 minutes ~ Color

Childhood's End explores the sexual awakening of two teenagers as they enter their first serious relationships in this provocative 1997 coming-of-age film. Greg (Sam Trammell) is a talented teen photographer from a happy, supportive family until he begins an affair with his mother's friend, Evelyn (Cameron Foord), a divorcee in her forties. What begins as a sexual adventure soon becomes a more serious relationship. Once the couple decides to move in together, their family and friends struggle to accept the May/December relationship. Meanwhile Evelyn's daughter, Denise (Colleen Werthmann), feels neglected by her mother, and rejected for coming out as a lesbian until she meets the lonely and shy Rebecca (Heather Gottlieb). The two girls become friends, than lovers, which finally brings Rebecca out of her shell. This relationship drama, directed by Jeff Lipsky, explores these unconventional relationships with humor, open-mindedness and a frank sexuality that gives the story realistic resonance, but also makes it best suited to mature viewers.

Director: Jeff Lipsky

Writer: Jeff Lipsky

Stars: Cameron Foord, Heather Gottlieb and Sam Trammell

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