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Chicano Legacy 40 Aos

Chicano Legacy 40 Años

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Documentary / Short (2011) 30 minutes ~ Color

This is the story of a journey which started over 40 years ago. It’s the story of a culture weaving it’s path through the latter part of the 20th century and beyond through art and activism. Chicano art has transcended the political, cultural, and spiritual facets of this great nation and in doing so has transformed itself from a style of art into a a full-blown cultural movement. One of the leaders of this Movemiento is local San Diego artivist Mario Torero. His work is tattooed all over San Diego from Chula Vista and Barrio Logan in the south to the enclave of La Jolla in the north. At the beginning of the chicano art movement he and other influential chicano artists revolutionized the art world. Since then, Chicano art has permeated the hearts of San Diegans and brightened the landscapes of Southern California with it’s vibrant color palette. His latest creation is a 57 foot mural on the campus of UCSD. Through the conributions of artists from Peru, California, and even China, the ceramic mural symbolizes both the struggles and successes of Chicanos in the United States. The story of it’s creation and construction is intertwined with today’s Chicano Legacy.

Director: Horacio Jones

Writer: Horacio Jones

Stars: Jose Yenque


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