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Celestino V

Celestino V

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Documentary / Foreign (2004) 35 minutes ~ Color

The paths of Celestine are “paths of silence”. Speaking are not only men but also the stones of the hermitages and of the mountains of the region Abruzzo: places of the soul, evocative and dramatic scenery of the extraordinary human and spiritual fortunes of a great man. At the beginning of the 13th century, a tragic century of hopes and conflicts, the saintly hermit Peter from Morrone became Pope under the name of Celestine V but he had the awesome courage to resign. Going along these paths you can hear the echoes of Celestines footsteps, of his difficult and discussed choices of life, of his continuous searching for a goal and thereafter departing towards an even bigger one, until finally coming to promise the salvation of whole humanity through the testament of Perdonanza of Aquila.

Director: Alejandro Quadri

Writer: Santo Cicco

Stars: Narrator- Sergio Fiorntini, Walter Maestosi


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