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Celebrity Look A Likes

Celebrity Look A Likes

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Adult (2007) 55 minutes ~ Color

Ever wonder what today's sexiest celebrities look like...naked? We've got the next best thing! It's the hottest girls, who look like today's hottest celebrities, performing the hottest acts caught on camera! See how these look-a-likes compare to the real deal in Girls Gone Wild Celebrity Look-A-Likes! Let's start off with our first celebrity look-a-like, a frisky brunette who explores every party of her hot, naked body until she climaxes to a steamy finish. Next, is another look-a-like, a voluptuous red-head who's not too shy about flashing her beautiful pair. You know exactly who she looks like! Then watch as another look-a-like strips and pleasures herself in front of our cameras, gut it doesn't stop there, with yet another gorgeous brunette, whose luscious lips and seductive cat eyes will easily give away her celebrity counterpart. Our lawyers say the resemblances to these superstars are so uncanny we can't even mention their names! But you'll recognize then in an instant! They're hot, naked, and willing to entertain you in many ways and positions. It's all real, raw and totally uncensored! It's Girls Gone Wild: Celebrity Look-A-Likes!