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Catalina Trust

Catalina Trust

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Drama (1999) 90 minutes ~ Color

Marshall has done well despite the hard hand fate dealt him as a boy. He's getting a raise at his marketing job and will soon marry Kitty Lehuesen, the most sought-after girl in his Brooklyn neighborhood. Though he's never forgotten the betrayal of his grandfather, things are now good - that is, until a bizarre image of the old man appears in the middle of the night. Henry Pike, whom Marshall hasn't seen since before his parents' death, glares eerily from a television set without saying a word. The elder Pike has died at that very same instant, more than 3000 miles away in Arizona. Marshall and his foster brother Freddie, a recent law school graduate and amateur philosopher, fly west to dissolve the estate and collect Marshall's inheritance. But there they find the storied old Catalina Inn, a historic landmark where the eccentric staff welcome Marshall as savior rather than executioner.

Director: Will Conroy

Writer: Will Conroy

Stars: Jay Harrington, Arabella Holzbog and David Vegh


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