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Casper The Friendly Ghost

Casper The Friendly Ghost

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Cartoons / Family (1951-1955) 64 minutes ~ Black & White and Color

Come join Casper and all his friends in this rare collection of cartoons. Casper and his buddies go on Adventures from helping animals to teaching everyone to be friendly!! Children of all ages will be glad Saturdays were meant for cartoons!!

On this DVD:

1.) Boo Scout, 2.) Boo Kind To Animals, 3.) Boos And Arrows, 4.) Boos And Saddles, 5.) Bull Fright, 6.) By The Old Mill Scream, 7.) Cage Fright, 8.) Casper Comes To Clown, 9.) Casper Genie, 10.) Casper Takes A Bow Wow



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